CAfrica Sports is a U.S.-based television broadcasting company that delivers premium sports programs through a formal network of free-to-air broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our broadcast network spans 20 countries reaching a combined population of more than 300 million consumers, effectively making CAfrica Sports the broadest free-to-air TV sports network in Africa.

Leveraging our pan-Africa platform, CAfrica Sports provides programming partners, including the NBA and the IAAF Diamond League, with unparalleled exposure to African audiences. We focus on top sports programming as this content transcends boundaries of state, language, culture, age and wealth.  To that end, CAfrica Sports continuously seeks to add new and compelling content to its programming portfolio.

CAfrica Sports’ reach and content provide an ideal platform for advertisers to reach African consumers. Leading companies leverage our broadcast platform to strategically advance their brands in one of the fastest growing markets of the world. We allow advertisers to side-step the traditionally fragmented media market and purchase pan-African advertising at a fraction of the price of buying from individual country broadcasters.

In addition to access, CAfrica Sports provides insight for advertiser success. We help sponsors and advertisers understand market dynamics, challenges and opportunities so that they may effectively tap Africa’s vibrant and growing markets.

Contact us to learn more about programming, sponsorship and advertising opportunities with CAfrica Sports – Africa’s leading free-to-air sports broadcast network.